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About us

No ordinary network.

Get the full picture of how we work

We’ll put you on the map!

Take a look at our live coverage map, giving you an unpresidented look into the vast reach of the me&you mobile network. If you find yourself in the rain, lonely and miserable, give us a shout and we’ll get you covered!

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Who we are

We are South Africa’s first SIM-only network!

With me&you mobile you aren’t tied in to a contract for 2 years - your commitment is month to month! With a unique offering for a niche market, we hope to be that something to someone, rather than everything to everybody. We are keeping it SIM-ple – no frills, no fuss. Get superior customer service & the lowest call rates – guaranteed!

We are an independent network, offering our own products. me&you mobile has partnered with Cell C and utilises their infrastructure. me&you mobile also roams on the Vodacom network. Based on signal strength, and your phone's settings, you will automatically switch between Cell C and Vodacom – this will guarantee the best connectivity.

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Our offering

We believe that purchasing a contract should be SIM-ple!

me&you mobile are 100% e-commerce based! Customise your order online and have your SIM delivered to your door.

RICA and activate your SIM card online, in your profile. No more standing in queues, ever! Make changes to your contract, upgrade or downgrade at any time. No questions asked.

The future of mobile is here, and here to stay. So join us today!